The Taking of Beverly Hills

Columbia Pictures (1991)
Thriller, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 36min

A chemical spill has caused the occupants of Beverly Hills to be forcibly evacuated. A retiring football player left behind, finds that the toxic gas emulating from the spill is a bogus front for a heist set up by fired police officers out to plunder the city of all its valuables. Finding himself siding with a corrupt cop who was once apart of the plan until he discovered the city's mayor had just been blown away, by one of the chief crooks in charge. Now both on the run with no help in sight...both must do whatever they can to stop these murderous looters.

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Ken Wahl Boomer Hayes
Matt Frewer Ed Kelvin
Harley Jane Kozak Laura Sage
Robert Davi Robert Masterson
Lee Ving Varney
Branscombe Richmond Benitez
Lyman Ward Chief Healy
Michael Bowen L.A. Cop at Roadblock
William Prince Mitchell Sage
Harley Jane Kozak Laura Sage

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Director Sidney J. Furie
Writer Sidney J. Furie, Rick Natkin
Producer Lloyd Bloom, Graham Henderson


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
738329217525 Blu-ray Disc A Jan 16, 2018
9780792838708 Blu-ray Disc
7613059404267 Blu-ray Disc
027616688538 DVD 1 Sep 01, 1998
738329217518 DVD 1 Jan 16, 2018
5014226512921 VHS Jun 14, 1993