The Vagrant

Brooksfilms (1992)

Comedy, Horror, Thriller
USA / English / 91 mins
IMDb 5.8

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Bill Paxton Graham Krakowski
Michael Ironside Lt. Ralf Barfuss
Marshall Bell The Vagrant
Mitzi Kapture Edie Roberts
Colleen Camp Judy Dansig
Patrika Darbo Doattie
Marc McClure Chuck
Stuart Pankin Mr. Feemster
Teddy Wilson X-Rays
Derek Mark Lochran Det. Lackson
Mildred Brion Mrs. Howler
Brett Marston Blonde Cop
Ken Love Cop
Katherine Gosney Graham's Mother
Steve Gates Public Defender
Mark DeMichele Prosecutor
Debbie Bartelt Judge
Peppi Sanders Courthouse Reporter
Judy Lebeau Juror
Shane McCabe Alarm Man
Allan Berne Mr. Polkowisz
John Wade Anchorman
Cynthia Eichor Anchorwoman
Bill Andres TV Reporter
Ed Gable Waiter

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Chris Walas
Writer Richard Jefferies
Producer Mel Brooks, Gillian Richardson, Randy Auerbach



Graham is content! He has a just purchased a new house which he can afford due to his successful well okay job which also comes closer to him with a swell chance of picking up a great girlfriend as a bonus feature. Of course he is something of a suck up yuppie and his potential companion Judy Dansig is sex-crazed real estate agent. However his new home has unwanted guest, a disgraced destitute shrink, who sees a chance to carry on the mind games that led him to his current situation. As Graham starts finding pieces of those around him turning up in places like his fridge and with him getting the blame by the law. Graham struggles hard not to lose it, but that isn't easy as the deaths continue and he starts to even doubt his very own sanity!


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826663175639 1 2017-05-23