The Void

JoBro Productions & Film Finance (2016)
Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery
Canada | English | Color | 1h 30min

When a mutating horde of parasitic creatures threatens to breach an isolated hospital, a lone police officer and a group of hospital staff band together to fortify themselves within its walls. But as they prepare for the fight of their lives, they will discover the real terror is already inside.


Ellen Wong Kim
Kathleen Munroe Allison
Kenneth Welsh Dr. Richard Powell
Aaron Poole Daniel Carter
Art Hindle Mitchell


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
5060262855188 Blu-ray Disc B Apr 24, 2017 Single Disc
814838014821 Blu-ray Disc
9398700011251 Blu-ray Disc
814838014753 DVD 1 May 09, 2017
9398700010735 DVD 4
889854064495 DVD