Train To Busan

Next Entertainment World (2016)
Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Foreign
South Korea | Korean | Color | 1h 58min

Martial law is declared when a mysterious viral outbreak pushes Korea into a state of emergency. Passengers on an express train to Busan, a city that has successfully fended off the outbreak, find themselves in a fight for survival as they try to reach the safe haven… ( - abridged)


Dong-seok Ma Sang Hwa
Yoo Gong Seok Woo
Yu-Mi Jung Sung Gyeong
Soo-an Kim Soo-an

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Director Sang-ho Yeon
Writer Joo-suk Park
Producer Dong-ha Lee
Photography Hyung-deok Lee
Musician Young-gyu Jang


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
812491017487 Blu-ray Disc A Jan 17, 2017
5055201836076 Blu-ray Disc B Feb 27, 2017 Blu-ray
5706876683099 Blu-ray Disc B Mar 06, 2017 Silver Screen Selections, Single Disc
9339065010442 Blu-ray Disc
4013549084468 Blu-ray Disc
812491018118 Blu-ray Disc
4013549080996 Blu-ray Disc
7340110421085 Blu-ray Disc
5053083101282 Blu-ray Disc
4013549084451 Blu-ray Disc
5053083102265 Blu-ray Disc
9339065010435 Blu-ray Disc
4013549088947 Blu-ray Disc
6438194710032 Blu-ray Disc
4013549084475 Blu-ray Disc
4020628809256 Blu-ray Disc
812491017470 DVD 1 Jan 17, 2017
5055201836069 DVD 2
812491018101 DVD
5053083101275 DVD
5709498017426 DVD
7340110421047 DVD