Trespass Against Us

Film 4 (2017)

Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action
UK / English / 99 mins
IMDb 5.9


Michael Fassbender Chad Cutler

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Adam Smith
Producer Andrea Calderwood, Gail Egan, Alastair Siddons



TRESPASS AGAINST US is an original gangster movie set across three generations of the rowdy Cutler family. They live as outlaws in some of Britain's richest countryside -- hunting hares, ram-raiding stately homes, and taunting the police. Struggling to retain a way of life fast becoming extinct, Chad Cutler ends up caught between his father's archaic principles and trying to do right by his kids, whilst the full force of the law is finally catching up with him.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
031398259749 1 2017-03-07
5053083112578 A
031398259718 1 2017-03-07
9344256015380 4 2017-00-00