The Uninvited

MPI (2008)
Drama, Horror, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 32min

A young woman’s nightmarish past returns to trigger off a bizarre phobia she was once cured of; an intense fear of space, eased only by closeness to walls. She becomes a psychological survivalist when her remote house suddenly becomes a spiritual battleground, as evil forces gather to torture her during a night of terror.


Marguerite Moreau Lee
Colin Hay Nick
Brittany Curran Helena
Michael Emanuel Father Mitello

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Director Bob Badway


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
7332504990758 Blu-ray Disc B
5050582750942 Blu-ray Disc B Dec 09, 2018
030306953496 DVD 1 Jul 27, 2010
5050582750935 DVD 2 Dec 09, 2018
6003805108517 DVD