The Uninvited

MPI (2008)
Drama, Horror, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 32min

A young woman’s nightmarish past returns to trigger off a bizarre phobia she was once cured of; an intense fear of space, eased only by closeness to walls. She becomes a psychological survivalist when her remote house suddenly becomes a spiritual battleground, as evil forces gather to torture her during a night of terror.

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Marguerite Moreau Lee
Brittany Curran Helena
Colin Hay Nick
Donna W. Scott Dr. Schulman
Jillian Bach Trina
Michael Emanuel Father Mitello
Gregório Helmut
Phalana Tiller Palmist
Linda Larson Bloody Old Woman
Marion Kelly Old Woman

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Director Bob Badway
Writer Bob Badway
Producer Jasper Jan, Michael Emanuel, Jim Stoddard
Photography Igor Meglic
Musician Ken Mazur


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
7332504990758 Blu-ray B
5050582750942 Blu-ray B Dec 09, 2018
030306953496 DVD 1 Jul 27, 2010
5050582750935 DVD 2 Dec 09, 2018
6003805108517 DVD