V: The Final Battle

V: The Final Battle

Warner Bros. (1984)
Science Fiction, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 4h 16min

A small group of human resistance fighters fight a desperate guerilla war against the genocidal extra-terrestrials who dominate Earth.

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Michael Ironside Ham Tyler
Robert Englund Willie
Lane Smith Nathan Bates
Michael Wright Elias
Faye Grant Dr. Julie Parrish
Marc Singer Mike Donovan
Jane Badler Diana
Blair Tefkin Robin Maxwell
Jeff Yagher Kyle Bates
Jennifer Cooke Elizabeth
June Chadwick Lydia

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Director Richard T. Heffron
Writer Kenneth Johnson, Harry Longstreet, Craig Buck, Brian Taggert, Renee Longstreet, Peggy Goldman, Diane Frolov
Producer Robert Singer, Patrick Boyriven, Daniel H. Blatt
Photography Stevan Larner
Musician Dennis McCarthy, Joseph Conlan, Barry De Vorzon

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1 V: The Final Battle: Part 1 | May 05, 1984

The Resistance lead an attack on a Visitor processing plant, but are soundly beaten by the Visitors. They decide that their current tactics aren't effective, they need an event that will wake up the world to help them defeat the Visitors.

2 V: The Final Battle: Part 2 | May 06, 1984

Donovan is reunited with his son and joins the international Resistance headed by Ham Tyler and Chris Farber. The first priority is freeing Julie who has been captured and is being held in the visitor mother ship. Meanwhile, Robin who is pregnant by a Visitor goes into labor.

3 V: The Final Battle: Part 3 | May 07, 1984

Donovan turns himself over to the aliens in order to save his son. Diana hears her colleagues are plotting against her. She tells her leader that only she can succeed because of a spy she has in the Resistance. Willie, a friendly alien, submits to tests so Julie can develop a biological weapon against the Visitors. The weapon, a red dust, is then used against the Visitors with much success.


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7321931141468 DVD 2 Oct 16, 2002
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7321917141468 DVD 2 Aug 06, 2002
321931141468 DVD 2 Oct 16, 2002
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