Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid-

Arms (2015)

Animation, Anime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Action
Japan / Japanese / 300 mins
IMDb 7

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Kikuko Inoue Kazami Torino
Hitomi Harada Sagara Momoka
Yuka Iguchi Shikishima Mirei
Uchiyama Yumi Nukui Tomomi
Itou Kanae Kagurazaka Ranhana
Kanemoto Hisako Ange
Seto Asami Charlotte Shalzen
Yurika Kubo Sakura Meifon
Minami Takahashi Minimi Nimi
Taishi Murata Mamori no Chichioya
Azumi Asakura Lady J
Aya Suzaki Kagurazaka Rinhana
Saori Oonishi Hasumi Rein
Juri Kimura Kouzuki Momoko
Shizuka Ishigami Miyasato Ai
Masumi Tazawa Shigure Kasumi
Ayaka Oohashi Kisaragi Setsuna
Yuna Yoshino Hiiragi Akira
Mikako Izawa Tokonome Mamori
Airi Ootsu Mamori no Hahaoya
Asami Seto Charlotte Scherzen


Takaomi Kanasaki


Each of the series revolves around girls who have been infected with a mysterious virus known as the A Virus (Armed Virus). These girls are divided into two classes; Exters (エクスター Ekusutā?), who can transform into weapons when sexually aroused, and Liberators (リブレイター Ribureitā?), who have the power to wield an Exter's weapon form, known as Liberator Arms, through a process known as Drive. These girls are brought to separate islands, which each of the series is named after.

Mermaid follows an Exter named Mamori Tokonome who forms a partnership with the Liberator Mirei Shikishima.[4][5] Bhikkuni follows two sisters, Rinka and Ranka Kagurazaka, who are infected with a variation of the A Virus known as the V Virus.


Episode 1: I'm Gonna Burst

25 min Oct 10, 2015
Mamori Tokonome watches in astonishment as two girls show off their intimate relationship. Little did she know that she had to establish a similar relationship with another girl, Mirei Shikishima, in order to fight for her life. ▽ I’m Getting Deflowered [Int'l: renamed English title] ▽ I'm Gonna Burst [Japan: literal English translation] ▽ Watashi, chirasa remasu [Japan: original Romaji title]
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 2: Virgin Road

25 min Oct 17, 2015
Mamori and Mirei defeat Saejima, but are taken into custody by Charlotte and Ange. Now Mamori must prepare for a mysterious ceremony known as the Wedding. ▽ Virgin Road [Japan: literal English translation / Int'l: English title] ▽ Vaajin roodo [Japan: original Romaji title] 《NOTE: "Virgin Road" is what the Japanese call a "Wedding Ceremony Aisle", specifically the highly-romantic chapel type popularized by mainstream films.》
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 3: Zero Arm

25 min Oct 24, 2015
Mamori and Mirei escape from the clutches of Welter. They soon learn the nature of the militant female-only group, and also discover a small peaceful village that is free from its rule. ▽ Zero Arm [Japan: literal English translation / Int'l: English title] ▽ Zero • aamu [Japan: original Romaji title]
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 4: Gouverneur

25 min Oct 31, 2015
Charlotte, Kasumi, and the forces of Wärter move in to take Mirei into custody, but the mysterious duo known as Lady Lady intervene. An all-out fight is about to break loose, but is halted by yet another new participant. ▽ Gouverneur [Japan: literal English translation / Int'l: English title] ▽ Guverunea [Japan: original Romaji title] 《NOTE: "Gouverneur" is the French word meaning "Governor".》
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 5: Giant Girl, Little Heart

25 min Nov 07, 2015
Kasumi leaves the castle to investigate a strange Extar reading in the forest. There, she finds Mamori, Mirei, and a truly, tremendously buxom girl.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 6: No Money, No Life

25 min Nov 14, 2015
The Mermaid Festival is here! Meifeng must control the outcome of the Beauty Pageant to cash in on her illegal gambling scam, and she knows just the right person for shaking up the votes.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 7: To Believe

25 min Nov 21, 2015
Akira leaves the castle to go on a secret mission. He meets Torino, and decides to spend the night outside of the castle. Meanwhile, a hostage situation takes place nearby.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 8: Valkyrie Effect

25 min Nov 28, 2015
Lady Lady are asked by Akira to investigate a location said to contain the secret of Mermaid, bringing Mamori, Mirei, and Meifon along with them. Uncovering a hidden cave, the girls find an underground construction plant, where they are attacked by an Artificial Arm that Mirei finds all too familiar. Unable to drive with Mamori following the ordeal of her attack, Mirei unleashes the true ability hidden in her body to fight the Arm, but is still overpowered by it. However, Mamori, determined to protect Mirei, brings out enhanced abilities of her own and transforms into an enhanced arm, allowing Mirei to defeat the Arm. As the girls manage to escape the facility as it is destroyed, another island, having detected the Valkyrie Effect coming from the battle, sends a girl named Momoka Sagara to Mermaid to investigate.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 9: Takeover

25 min Dec 05, 2015
Momoka arrives on Mermaid under the guise of a new transfer, quickly demonstrating her Exter abilities and becoming a part of Charlotte's Adel team. Quickly deducing Akira's true gender, Momoka manipulates Charlotte into confronting Akira in a battle in order to expose the truth. Noticing something about Momoka's power, Akira brings out the full strength of her Artificial Arm, Sri, against Charlotte and Momoka and manages to defeat them. However, Momoka brings out her true power as a third generation Artificial Arm, overpowering Akira and exposing her gender to everyone and encouraging Charlotte to become Mermaid's new leader, after which Mamori and Mirei discover Atelier Torino in shambles.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 10: Oppression

25 min Dec 12, 2015
With Akira removed from power, Charlotte names herself the new Gouvernour, and immediately begins ruling Mermaid with an iron fist. Momoka and the other mysterious intruders seem to be taking advantage of this for their own gains.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 11: Soldier Arm

25 min Dec 19, 2015
As Momoka, who were once a part of the same experiments as Mirei, prepares to attack, Lady Lady show up to fight against her, but find their attacks ineffective against her Soldier Arm. Momoka and her allies then kidnap Mamori, learning of the potential within her and deciding to keep her to herself. Meanwhile, Mamori recalls when she was in the same organization as Momoka, having been exiled after refusing to kill others and later sent to Mermaid due to possessing the Armed Virus. Blaming Mirei for everything bad that happened for her, Momoka prepares to use Mamori's body for her own gains. Mirei, joined by Lady Lady, head to Veste to rescue Mamori and the other captives, fighting her way past Charlotte before confronting Momoka, who plans to use Mamori's own form against her.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda

Episode 12: Valkyrie Drive

25 min Dec 26, 2015
Mirei struggles to fight against Momoka as she wields Mamori against her, but is aided by Kasumi, who is finally joined in battle by Hibiki, as well as Lady Lady and Meifeng. However, Momoka uses Mamori's Valkyrie ability to absorb other girls into her arm and become stronger, overwhelming the others in a single shot and absorbing them. Inside the blade, as the captives are attacked by tentacles that draw the Armed Virus out of them, providing Momoka with enough power to even destroy a satellite, Mirei manages to break free and reunite with Mamori, freeing her from Momoka's control and releasing the others. Combining together into a perfect form, the Valkyrie Drive, Mirei and Mamori battle against Momoka as she combines with allies to transform into a giant robot. With support from all of her friends, Mirei manages to defeat Momoka, removing the Armed Virus from her and everyone else. As the residents of Mermaid are finally given the chance to return home to their families, Mirei and Mamori, along with Meifeng and Lady Lady, travel around the world in order to help others carrying with Armed Virus.
Director: Hiraku Kaneko
Writer: Yousuke Kuroda


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