The Vampire

Cheezy Flicks (1957)

Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
USA / English / 75 mins
IMDb 5.8

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John Beal Dr. Paul Beecher
Paul Brinegar Willy Warner
Coleen Gray Carol Butler
Dabbs Greer Dr. Will Beaumont
James Griffith Henry Winston
Lydia Reed Betsy Beecher
Kenneth Tobey Sheriff Buck Donnelly
Herb Vigran George Ryan
Ann Staunton Marion Wilkins
Budd Buster


Paul Landres
Writer Pat Fielder
Producer Arnold Laven, Arthur Gardner


A small town doctor mistakenly ingests an experimental drug made from the blood of vampire bats which transforms the kindly medic into a bloodthirsty monster.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
826663174595 1 2017-04-11
807297096798 1 2012-06-22 DVD-Edition
827421000576 Directed by Paul Landres