VeggieTales: The Star Of Christmas

Sony Music (2002)
Animation, Comedy, Family
USA | English | Color | 45min

Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps (Bob & Larry) are putting the finishing touches on their first Christmas musical. With more electric lights than London has ever seen, Cavis is sure his show will "teach London how to love!" Unfortunately, the local church Christmas pageant is scheduled for the same night. Which will London turn out to see?

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Dan Anderson Dad Asparagus (Rev. Gilbert)
Matthew Hodge Wiseman Pea
Tim Hodge Charles Pincher / Walla Group
Mike Nawrocki Larry the Cucumber (Millward) / Jean-Claude Pea (Winston) / Jerry Gourd (Constable)
Jim Poole Scooter (Moyer)
Jackie Ritz Madame Blueberry (Miss Effie Pickering) / Laura Carrot
Mike Sage Scallion #3 (Tradesman)
Lisa Vischer Junior Asparagus (Edmund)
Phil Vischer Pa Grape (Seymour) / Bob the Tomato (Cavis) / Percy Pea / Phillipe Pea / Archibald Asparagus (Arthur
Shelby Morimoto Annie (Abigail)
Josh Vulcano Angel Pea

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Director Tim Hodge
Writer Phil Vischer
Producer Phil Vischer, David Pitts, Terry Botwick, John Wahba
Musician Thomas Chase, Steve Rucker, Christopher Davis, Chris Davis


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
794051702920 DVD 1 Oct 29, 2002 Special Edition
074645876399 DVD 1 Oct 07, 2003 Special Edition
820413100094 DVD 1 Oct 29, 2002 Full Screen Edition
794051702937 DVD 1 Jul 31, 2007
794051723321 DVD 1 Oct 07, 2003
191329068267 DVD 1 Oct 16, 2018
9780738930084 DVD
025192403132 DVD
820413106195 DVD
807297023794 DVD Nov 06, 2009
820413100032 VHS