Victoria: Season 2

Mammoth Screen (2017)
Drama, Documentary
UK | English | Color | 1h

The early life of Queen Victoria, from her accession to the throne at the tender age of eighteen through to her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert.

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Jenna Coleman Victoria
Rufus Sewell Lord Melbourne
Tom Hughes Prince Albert
Alex Jennings Leopold I
Eve Myles Mrs Jenkins
Paul Rhys Sir John Conroy
Diana Rigg Duchess of Buccleuch
Peter Firth Duke of Cumberland
Peter Bowles Arthur Wellesley
David Bamber Augustus Frederick
Bruno Wolkowitch Louis Philippe I
Anna Wilson-Jones Emma Portman
Nigel Lindsay Sir Robert Peel
Nichola McAuliffe Duchess of Cumberland
Adrian Schiller Penge
Catherine Fleming Duchess of Kent
DANIELA HOLTZ Baroness Lehzen
Ferdinand Kingsley Francatelli
Alice Orr-Ewing Lady Flora Hastings
David Oakes Ernest
Margaret Clunie Duchess of Sutherland
Nell Hudson Skerrett
Jordan Waller Alfred Paget
Tsarevitch Daniel Donskoy
Tommy Lawrence-Knight Brodie
Leo Suter Drummond
Daniel Donskoy Alexander II

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Director Sandra Goldbacher
Tom Vaughan
Oliver Blackburn
Writer Daisy Goodwin, A.N. Wilson
Producer Rebecca Eaton, Howard Ella, Paul Frift, Dan McCulloch, Damien Timmer, Daisy Goodwin, Amanda Black
Photography John Lee
Musician Ruth Barrett

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1 A Soldier's Daughter 60 min | Aug 26, 2017

Picking up a month after the birth of her first child, the new series sees Queen Victoria surprise the court when she insists on returning to her duties as soon as possible.Having taken charge in her absence, adoring new father Albert decides not to trouble his wife with worrying news regarding the British soldiers in Afghanistan. However, as the reports worsen, Victoria grows increasingly suspicious that he and Prime Minister Robert Peel are hiding something from her.Determined to reclaim her place with characteristic impulsiveness, Victoria brings in the formidable Duchess of Buccleuch as her new Mistress of the Robes and demands that former chef, Francatelli, return to the palace kitchens.Meanwhile, Albert's family descend on the palace for the Christening of baby Vicky and their dynastic plotting only intensifies Victoria's sense of frustration. Convinced that the truth is being kept from her, Victoria seeks answers from the Duke of Wellington.

2 The Green-Eyed Monster 60 min | Sep 02, 2017

The queen suspects that her husband is attracted to another woman, and discovers that she is pregnant with a second child - leaving her concerned that motherhood will dominate her life and reign, at the expense of any other possibilities. Below stairs, new dresser Cleary thinks that the palace is haunted, but Brodie believes there is a natural explanation for the events that have frightened her.

3 Warp and Weft 60 min | Sep 09, 2017

Discontent is growing in the country, and upon hearing the pleas of a silk weaver of Spitalfields, Victoria decides she must help. Against Peel and Albert's advice, she hatches a plan: a fantastic medieval ball at the Palace, where the attendees have to wear costumes made from Spitalfields silk.

4 The Sins of the Father 60 min | Sep 16, 2017

The Royal Court is delighted by the arrival of a healthy Prince of Wales, but Victoria finds herself paralysed by an inexplicable sorrow after a difficult birth, and is unable to bond with her son. Things are not made easier when tragic news arrives from Coburg and Albert is forced to depart for his childhood home - the first time Victoria and Albert have been apart since their wedding. Whilst in Coburg, Albert learns a dark family secret which leaves him feeling lost as to his place in Palace. When national duty calls, Victoria finds she cannot escape the responsibilities of being Queen regardless of whether or not Albert is standing behind her, and must draw on reserves of courage that she didn't know she had. Will she in turn be able to reach Albert in his private torment?

5 Entente Cordiale 60 min | Sep 23, 2017

Concerned that the pending marriage of King Louis Philippe of France's son to the Spanish Queen will form a dangerous alliance, Victoria sets sail on her first voyage to the continent in an attempt to deter the wily French King. Accompanied by royals and servants alike, Victoria quickly realises that she will need to have her wits about her if she is to make the charming - but not altogether trustworthy - Louis Philippe take her seriously as a Queen. Turning to Albert for support, she finds him distant. Unknown to her, he's still reeling from the traumatic revelation about his parentage, and driven to despair by the debauchery and scandal of the French Court. Left to take on Louis Philippe alone, does Victoria have what it takes as an international leader to finally outsmart him? And will Albert overcome his horror at the decadence around him, and learn to trust Victoria with his secrets?

6 Faith, Hope and Charity 60 min | Sep 30, 2017

As news of the horrific famine in Ireland reaches the Queen, Victoria is adamant that her government should be doing more to help. However, Prime Minister Peel is trapped, knowing that to send food to the Irish would destabilise his party and jeopardise his career. With Albert blinded by his trust in Peel, Victoria begins to question her own convictions.

7 The King Over the Water 60 min | Oct 07, 2017

After a series of assassination attempts, the queen is forced to seek sanctuary far from the palace. She and Albert travel to the Scottish Highlands, an area that has always fascinated her, but proves to be far from the romantic retreat she had fantasised about. However, travelling incognito gives both the royal couple and their servants a freedom they do not often experience.

8 The Luxury of Conscience 60 min | Oct 14, 2017

Albert resents Lehzen's influence over the queen, and fears she is putting the health of their child at risk. The prince also unwittingly creates problems for Peel, who is facing the most important battle of his political career as he takes a stand against the corn laws, only to find that Albert has played into their enemies' hands. When tragedy strikes, personal and political sacrifices must be made. Last in the series.

9 Christmas Special 60 min | Dec 25, 2017

Albert seeks the Christmastime joy of his youth; Victoria is threatened by a relative; romantic tension surrounds the palace.


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