Ren Film (2003)
Drama, Adventure
Russia | Russian | Color | 1h 45min

Ivan (Ivan Dobronravov) and Andrey (Vladimir Garin) have adjusted to life without their father, since he has been absent for 12 years. When their father (Konstantin Lavronenk) suddenly returns to their lives and puts himself back into a position of authority, he meets some resistance. While Andrey welcomes his father's influence, Ivan much prefers to listen to his mother (Natalya Vdovina), and wants nothing to do with this man who abandoned his family for so long. In an attempt to make peace, their father takes the boys on a fishing trip to try to sort out their issues. Will they be able to sort through their problems with one another, or will the fishing trip end in disaster?

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Director Andrey Zvyagintsev
Writer Vladimir Moiseenko, Aleksandr Novototskiy-Vlasov
Producer Andrew Colton, Elena Kovaleva, Dmitry Lesnevsky
Photography Mikhail Krichman
Musician Andrey Dergachev


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738329231576 Blu-ray 1 Jun 26, 2018
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738329035129 DVD 1 Sep 21, 2004
5039036018531 DVD 2 Oct 04, 2004
9789059392120 DVD 2
9789058496744 DVD 2 2009 De Filmcollectie
5706102364068 DVD 2 Apr 03, 2007
9321337042718 DVD 4 2005 Special Edition
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