War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds: Season 1

Paramount Pictures (1988)
Drama, Adventure, Horror, War, Science Fiction, Thriller, Action
USA | English | Color | 18h 6min

They never left! In 1953, Earth experienced a War of the Worlds. Common bacteria stopped the aliens, but it didn't kill them. Instead, the aliens lapsed into a state of deep hibernation. Now the aliens have been resurrected, more terrifying than before. In 1953, aliens started taking over the world. Today, they're taking over our bodies! They're We're Alive!
This time, the aliens are ready...

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Jared Martin Dr. Harrison Blackwood
Lynda Mason Green Suzanne McCullough
Lynda Mason Green Dr. Suzanne McCullough
Richard Chaves Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse
Philip Akin North Drake
Rachel Blanchard Debi McCullough
Philip Akin Norton Drake
Denis Forest Malzor
Adrian Paul John Kincaid
Catherine Disher Mana
Ilse von Glatz Advocate #2
Julian Richings Ardix
Michael Rudder Advocate #3
Richard Comar Advocate #1
David Calderisi Advocate #1
Ric Sarabia Advocate #2
Corinne Conley Mrs. Pennyworth
Michael Eric Kramer Advocate #2
Frank Pellegrino Advocate #3
John Dee Old Man
Martin Neufeld Advocate #3
Larry Reynolds Tom Kensington
Ann Robinson Sylvia Van Buren
Gene Mack Bartender
Andrew Scorer Alien Driver
Norah Grant Sgt. Coleman

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Director George McCowan
Neill Fearnley
Timothy Bond
George Bloomfield
Allan Eastman
Francis Delia
Colin Chilvers
William Fruet
Herbert Wright
Gabriel Pelletier
Joseph L. Scanlan
Writer H.G. Wells, D.C. Fontana, Herbert Wright, Wilson Coneybeare, Jim Henshaw, Naomi Janzen, Jim Trombetta
Producer Jonathan Hackett, Herbert Wright

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1 The Resurrection 60 min | Oct 06, 1988

In 1953, a worldwide invasion from Mars would have eliminated humanity had the extraterrestrial invaders not been vulnerable to the indigenous bacteria on the planet. Now an accident at a dumpsite revives the comatose aliens who then shortly attempt to resume the war they started 35 years ago.

Director: Colin Chilvers
Writer: Greg Stangis
Guest stars: Gwynyth Walsh as Charlotte, Eugene Clark, Michael Rudder, Larry Reynolds as Kensington, John Vernon as Gen. Wilson, Frank Pellegrino as Mossouri, Martin Neufeld as Finney, Ric Sarabia as Teal, Desmond Ellis as Orel, Jack Mather as Doc, Harry Booker.
2 The Walls of Jericho 60 min | Oct 09, 1988

After a period without any further evidence of the aliens' existence, the powers-that-be try to shut down the Blackwood Project. Meanwhile, the aliens try desperately to find a way to combat the threat brought on by the radiation that is killing them.

Director: Colin Chilvers
Writer: Forrest Van Buren
Guest stars: Rachel Blanchard, Richard Comar, Michael Rudder, Corinne Conley, Ilse von Glatz, John Vernon, Mark Humphrey, Larry Reynolds
3 Thy Kingdom Come 60 min | Oct 16, 1988

The aliens trek to Canada in order to free more of their sleeping brethren. The Blackwood Project's only hope in finding them lies in the scattered mind of War of the Worlds veteran Sylvian Van Buren.

Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Herbert Wright
Guest stars: Richard Comar, Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder , Ann Robinson, Walker Boone, Michael Fletcher, Joy Thompson, John Blackwood, Helen Carscallen
4 A Multitude of Idols 60 min | Oct 24, 1988

The aliens move toward an operation that will begin integrating themselves into human society, thus developing agents to be active anywhere in the world.

Director: Neill Fearnley
Writer: Tom Lazarus
Guest stars: Richard Comar, Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder, Michele Scarabelli, Neil Vipond, Von Flores, Judy Sinclair
5 Eye for an Eye 60 min | Oct 31, 1988

As Grover's Mill celebrates the 50th anniversary of the radio drama that made it famous, little do they know what really happened that night in 1938, or that the "Martians" have returned.

Director: Mark Sobel
Writer: Tom Lazarus
Guest stars: Rachel Blanchard, Richard Comar, Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder, Jeff Corey, John Ireland, Mary Beth Rubens, Jack Jessop
6 The Second Seal 60 min | Nov 07, 1988

The aliens begin infiltrating a military base in hopes of possessing a list containing the location of 10,000 of their stored-away comrades.

Director: Mark Sobel
Writer: Tom Lazarus
Guest stars: Richard Comar, Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder, Lynne Griffin, Greg Morris
7 Goliath is My Name 60 min | Nov 14, 1988

A fantasy game and reality collide for students when the aliens invade a campus to steal a lethal biological substance. Things become even worse when an alien is exposed to the toxin and becomes a mentally unstable rogue.

Director: William Fruet
Writer: David Tynan
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Richard Comar, Michael Rudder, Jeremy Ratchford
8 To Heal the Leper 60 min | Nov 21, 1988

The aliens are in jeopardy, as the Advocacy's collective counsel is crippled from the weakened state of one of the three. It seems that a dark cloud is lifting, but only Harrison believes they remain a threat

Director: William Fruet
Writer: David Tynan
Guest stars: Richard Comar, Ilse von Glatz , Ann Robinson, Paul Boretski, Kim Coates, Guylaine St-Onge
9 The Good Samaritan 60 min | Dec 26, 1988

The aliens have produced a deadly toxin, and a miraculous new development to feed the world becomes their means of mass poisoning.

Director: Paul Tucker
Writer: Sylvia Clayton
Guest stars: Richard Comar, Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder, Corinne Conley, Michael Kramer, Lori Hallie, Warren Davis, Alex Cord, Rachel Blanchard
10 Epiphany 60 min | Jan 02, 1989

The aliens take advantage of humanity's own violent nature in order to speed along its inevitable self-destruction.

Director: Neill Fearnley
Writer: Sylvia Van Buren
Guest stars: Richard Comar, Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder, Michael Kramer, Corinne Conley
11 Among the Philistines 60 min | Jan 09, 1989

A set-up for the aliens by the Blackwood Project is soon spun on its head as an alien manages to infiltrate the Cottage.

Director: William Fruet
Writer: Patrick Barry
Guest stars: David Calderisi, Corinne Conley, Ilse von Glatz, Cedric Smith, Rachel Blanchard
12 Choirs of Angels 60 min | Jan 16, 1989

The aliens plant subliminal messages in a musician's recordings to brainwash a brilliant scientist into creating a cure for them against the bacteria on Earth.

Director: Herbert Wright
Writer: Durnford King
Guest stars: Michael Rudder, Ilse von Glatz, David Calderisi , John Novack, Alex Carter, Heidi Von Palleske
13 Dust to Dust 60 min | Jan 23, 1989

The theft of an Indian object provokes disgust from Ironhorse. But it also garners the aliens' interest, as it holds something that belongs to one of their ancient war machines

Director: George Bloomfield
Writer: Richard Krzemien
Guest stars: Michael Rudder, Ilse von Glatz, Michael Kramer, David Calderisi
14 He Feedeth among the Lilies 60 min | Jan 30, 1989

To better understand their problem, the aliens begin abducting humans to learn the secret of their immune systems

Director: George Bloomfield
Writer: Tom Lazarus
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder, David Calderisi, Cynthia Belliveau, Maria del Mar
15 The Prodigal Son 60 min | Feb 06, 1989

In 1953, aliens invaded Earth, but were stopped when they fell to the planet's bacteria - except one. Now this rebellious rogue alien uses Blackwood's meeting with the United Nations to help his own plan for global domination.

Director: George McCowan
Writer: Herbert Wright, Patrick Barry
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Michael Rudder, David Calderisi, John Colicos, James Purcell, Jim Yip
16 The Meek Shall Inherit 60 min | Feb 13, 1989

The aliens plan to disorganize human society by paralyzing its means of communication.

Director: William Fruet
Writer: D.C. Fontana
Guest stars: Michael Copeman, David Calderisi, Michael Kramer, Ann Robinson, Diana Reis
17 Unto Us a Child is Born 60 min | Feb 20, 1989

After a pregnant woman is possessed by an alien and gives birth, the child becomes the focus of a search as it may offer an immunity to Earth's bacteria.

Director: George McCowan
Writer: David Braff
Guest stars: David Calderisi, Michael Kramer, Brent Carver, Amber Lea Weston, Geoffrey Bowes, Clark Johnson
18 The Last Supper 60 min | Mar 06, 1989

A secret meeting between countries is conducted in order to evaluate the global alien threat. However, the Advocacy learn of this grouping, and seize it as an opportunity to swiftly crush resistance. for his own brand of justice.

Director: George McCowan
Writer: Tom Lazarus
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Ric Sarabia, Michael Copeman, Efrain Figueroa, Suzanne Coy
19 Vengeance is Mine 60 min | Apr 15, 1989

Ironhorse must deal with a mistake that no soldier wants to make: the killing of an innocent civilian.

Director: George Bloomfield
Writer: Arnold Margolin
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Ric Sarabia, Michael Copeman, Bernard Behrens
20 My Soul to Keep 60 min | Apr 23, 1989

The time to reproduce, and thus increase their army, has come for the aliens. But the offspring are endangered by radiation and the aliens take a risky move to ensure their future.

Director: William Fruet
Writer: John Kubichan
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Ric Sarabia, Michael Copeman, Michael Parks, John Colicos
21 So Shall Ye Reap 60 min | Apr 30, 1989

The aliens infiltrate the illegal drug trade in order to circulate a narcotic that will turn humans into violent killers.

Director: George Bloomfield
Writer: Michael McCormack
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Ric Sarabia, Isabelle Mejias, Jill Jacobson, Dixie Seatle
22 The Raising of Lazarus 60 min | May 07, 1989

A strange alien pod is found and taken to a nuclear research facility. The Blackwood Project is summoned to investigate, but their authority is soon overridden by a mysterious Project 9.

Director: Neill Fearnley
Writer: Durnford King
Guest stars: icolas Coster, Thomas Hauff, Janet Bailey
23 The Angel of Death 60 min | May 14, 1989

After more than a year of being resisted by humans, the aliens are finally shaken by the arrival of a familiar enemy that has arrived on Earth. But is the enemy of our enemy our friend?

Director: Herbert Wright
Writer: Herbert Wright
Guest stars: Ilse von Glatz, Ric Sarabia, Elaine Giftos, John Evans


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