Wild Beasts

Severin (1984)
Adventure, Horror, Action, Foreign
USA | English | Color | 1h 27min

This is a combination message movie and horror film, punctuated with gruesome animal attacks. The story starts with dangerous PCBs contaminating a German city's water supply. While the toxins might have a negative impact on the health of the human population, it's impact on the animals in the zoo is immediate: it drives the animals in the zoo off their feed and a further accident gets them into the streets. The chief zoo keeper, a female reporter and a police inspector team up to try to get the fearsome beasts under control and protect the city's population. Mangled bodies and some horrible deaths are strewn across the screen before the disaster has ended.

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Lorraine De Selle Laura Schwarz
John Aldrich Rupert Berner
Ugo Bologna Inspector Nat Braun
Louisa Lloyd Suzy Schwarz
Monica Nickel Mother
Stefania Pinna Carol
Simonetta Pinna Schoolgirl
Alessandra Svampa Schoolgirl
Frederico Volocia Schoolboy
Alessandro Freyberger Karl
Tiziana Tannozzini Fay
Gianfranco Principi Reporter

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Director Franco Prosperi
Writer Franco Prosperi, Antonio Accolla
Producer Frederico Prosperi


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663390001493 Blu-ray Disc 1 Mar 14, 2017
4020628923570 Blu-ray Disc
663390001486 DVD 1 Mar 14, 2017
5709498012810 DVD 2
6416548573618 DVD
7350036722128 DVD
7035534106815 DVD