Women In Love

MGM/UA (1969)
Drama, Documentary, Romance
UK | English | Color | 2h 11min

Close friends Rupert Birkin and Gerald Crich begin romances with siblings Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen. After the couples wed, they take a joint honeymoon to Switzerland, where things begin happily -- but they become increasingly complicated as the trip continues. Rupert and Ursula are determined to stay faithful to one another, while the aloof Gerald and the eccentric Gudrun turn to infidelity and sexual exploration.

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Alan Bates Rupert Birkin
Oliver Reed Gerald Crich
Glenda Jackson Gudrun Brangwen
Jennie Linden Ursula Brangwen
Eleanor Bron Hermione Roddice
Alan Webb Thomas Crich
Vladek Sheybal Loerke
Catherine Willmer Mrs. Crich
Phoebe Nicholls Winifred Crich
Sharon Gurney Laura Crich
Christopher Gable Tibby Lupton
Michael Gough Mr. Brangwen
Norma Shebbeare Mrs. Brangwen
Nike Arrighi Contessa
James Laurenson Minister
Michael Graham Cox Palmer
Richard Heffer Loerke's Friend
Michael Garratt Maestro
Leslie Anderson Barber
Christopher Ferguson Basis Crich
Richard Fitzgerald Salsie
Barrie Fletcher Miner
Brian Osborne Miner
Alex Russell
Petra Siniawski Dancer

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Director Ken Russell
Writer D.H. Lawrence, Larry Kramer
Producer Martin Rosen, Roy Baird, Larry Kramer
Photography Billy Williams
Musician Georges Delerue


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715515212816 Blu-ray 1 Mar 27, 2018
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4045167266810 Blu-ray
4045167005945 Blu-ray
027616884275 DVD 1 Mar 04, 2003 Special Edition
5050070021561 DVD 1, 2 Aug 02, 2004
883929157907 DVD 1 Apr 08, 2013 BBC TV Production
715515212915 DVD 1 Mar 27, 2018
804791000962 DVD 1 Jan 16, 2007
5021456160211 DVD 2
8712626027973 DVD 2 Feb 06, 2008
4006448759032 DVD 2
7391772376633 DVD 2 Jan 10, 2005
7895233184602 DVD
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7896748257461 DVD
014381764161 LaserDisc
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