Snowfort Pictures (2015)

English / 80 mins
IMDb 4.6

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Natalie Brown Susan Jacobs (segment: "The Box")
Melanie Lynskey Mary (segment "The Birthday Party")
Breeda Wool Gretchen (segment "Fall")
Christina Kirk Cora (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Sheila Vand (segment "The Birthday Party")
Angela Trimbur Jess (segment "The Fall")
Mike Doyle Chet (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Peyton Kennedy Jenny Jacobs (segment "The Box")
Ron Lea Dr. Weller (segment "The Box")
Lindsay Burdge Madeleine (segment "The Birthday Party")
Jonathan Watton Robert Jacobs (segment "The Box")
Morgan Krantz Jay (segment "Fall")
Brenda Wehle Principal Jenks (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Lisa Renee Pitts Kelly Withers (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Morgan Peter Brown Mr. Dayton (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Ruben Pla Male Patron (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Kyle Allen Andy (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Peter Dacunha Danny Jacobs (segment, "The Box")
Sanai Victoria Lucy (segment "The Birthday Party")
Michael Dyson The Man (segment "The Box")
Curt Cornelius Dr. Roman (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Lisa Costanza Cora-Waitress (segment "Her Only Living Son")
Casey Adams Paul (segment "The Fall")
Clayton Jackson Party Guest (Segment "The Birthday Party"
Laura G. Chirinos Party Guest (segment "The Birthday Party")
Ozzy Villazon Party Guest (Segment "The Birthday Party")
Jay Chirinos Party Guest (segment "The Birthday Party")



Contributors to the film are all female directors --- who will showcase female leads --- meaning that the world will get to see new work by Mary Harron (American Psycho), Jennifer Lynch (Surveillance), Jovanka Vuckovic (The Guest), and Karyn Kusama (Jennifer's Body).


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
876964011853 1 2017-05-23
876964011846 1 2017-05-23