Zodiac Killer

Horror, Crime
USA | English | Color | 1h 27min

What kind of lunatic goes around cheerfully killing total strangers, then writes letters to newspapers taunting the police? Yup, the kind who also goes down to the basement, dons a ceremonial robe and prays to a plaster idol, "I am the Supreme Zodiac! All those I kill in this life will be my slaves when I am reborn in Paradise! Atlantis shall rise again!" Based on the still-unsolved "Zodiac" murders from 1966-1969, The Zodiac Killer is a tabloid blend of truth, fiction and sick humor "based on known facts."

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Tom Pittman Officer Heller
Hal Reed Jerry
Bob Jones Grover
Ray Lynch Sgt. Pittman
Mary Darrington First Murder
Frank Sanabek Joe
Ed Quigley Tony
Bertha Dahl Mrs. Crocker
Dion Marinkovich Helen
Doodles Weaver Doc
Barbara Schillaci Barbara
Manny Cardoza Hippy
Edna DeHart Susan
Gloria Gunn Marlyn
Richard Styles Jud
Norma Takaki Lakey
Donna Register Donna

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Director Tom Hanson
Writer Ray Cantrell, Manny Cardoza
Producer Tom Hanson, Werner Maahs, Matt Marinkovich
Photography Robert Birchall, Wilson S. Hong
Musician Ken Carlson


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
760137994787 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jul 25, 2017