Interview CD

CD | 22 Tracks | 71:03


1 "So, the title. How did it come to be chosen?" 5:45
2 "What has been the timetable with this album?" 4:11
3 "And what kind of working style did you adopt? Were you working mostly days? Nights?" 4:38
4 "Let's talk now about Thom's vocals on this CD..." 1:45
5 "And what was the mindset in recording? After all, there's a single release!" 0:49
6 "Were there many tracks left over after recording? And can we mention the great song 'Lift', and ask what happened to that?" 0:57
7 "Could this album have been made 2 years ago?" 1:42
8 "What about touring — has that become enjoyment again?" 1:08
9 "Track #1 is called 2+2=5" 3:45
10 "Track #2, Sit Down, Stand Up. Where did that come from?" 4:39
11 "Track #3 Sail to the Moon, let's talk about your vocals on this album. But first off, it sounds like a sinister nursery rhyme...." 3:28
12 "Here's a change (irony!) as a definition of a Radiohead song....Track #4 Backdrifts seems a pretty desolate vision." 2:38
13 "Track #5, Go to Sleep" 5:26
14 "Track #6. Where I end and You begin next. Great bassline!" 2:10
15 "Here's a cheery title for Track #7: We Suck Young Blood. Humour perhaps?" 2:57
16 "Track #8 The Gloaming is next. That's the time just before night falls, isn't it? And this sounds to me like the listener is being eaten by a big technological machine...." 3:57
17 "Track #9 There There is next; and it's a single, unusual indeed for Radiohead...." 3:44
18 "Track #10 is I Will. Something of a curio?" 3:38
19 "Track #11 is A Punchup at a Wedding. The title seems to sum up your frustration at the human condition. 'Why does everything have to be like this?'" 3:44
20 "Track #12 is Myxomatosis (a disease that infected the rabbit population of Australia, deliberately, in the 1950s.) Do we detect a Tubeway Army sound here?" 4:57
21 "Track #13, Scatterbrain is an unsettling sounding track...." 2:14
22 "And the final track, Track #14, is A Wolf at the Door. A last chance (on this album, anyway) to put across some Home Truths?" 2:51