Sheryl Crow

The Interview

CD | 28 Tracks | 69:42


1 Why have you titled your new album Sheryl Crow 0:43
2 Do you feel people did not give you enough credit for Tuesday Night Music Club 1:01
3 How did you approach the making of this new record 1:53
4 Why did you record in New Orleans 0:56
5 Was the album totally written before you got to New Orleans 1:19
6 Had you planned on producing this album yourself 0:33
7 Do you enjoy songwriting 1:20
8 So some songs are not written in the traditional manner, but actually through pure emotion 1:20
9 Did your trip to Bosnia change your views on what is happening in music today 2:59
10 How did you make the move from being in a band to being in front of the band 1:26
11 Did you always know you were meant to be a performer 0:58
12 Has Bob Dylan been an influence on you 2:40
13 What has it been like to play with some of your heroes 1:43
14 How did you decide to play the Hammond Organ 0:53
15 And the Guitar 0:55
16 Do you have a sense of who your fans are 1:23
17 Which of your past shows stand out in your mind 0:58
18 Are you excited about touring 0:30
19 How are the changes in your band affecting your live show 1:02
20 Is it hard coming off the road after touring 1:02
21 Comments on If It Makes You Happy 5:38
22 Comments on Maybe Angels 6:28
23 Comments on A Change 5:19
24 Comments on The Book 5:27
25 Comments on Everyday Is A Winding Road 4:53
26 Comments on Hard To Make A Stand 4:44
27 Comments on Home 5:25
28 Comments on Superstar 6:14