Grimm Fairy Tales

Beyond Wonderland #HC

Collects Grimm Fairy Tales: Beyond Wonderland (2008) #0-6, Grimm Fairy Tales: Wonderland, Volume 2

Rel: Aug 19, 2009 - Pub: Aug 2009
Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Hardcover Edition
Hardcover | 157 pages | $24.99

(W) Raven Gregory (A) Daniel Leister Months have passed since Calie Liddle returned from the terror that is Wonderland, months since that world took so much from her. Now jaded and bitter, Calie as moved far away from her hometown, attempting to lead a more normal existence in the city that never sleeps. With a different name and new identity, Calie is just beginning to adjust to another life. But not every story has a happy ending as she soon realizes that things in her new life are not going to stay normal for very long... Something from Wonderland has found its way out and Calie knows that she could very well be the only one who has a chance to send it back to where it belongs. The Hardcover graphic novel of the much anticipated sequel to the smash series RETURN TO WONDERLAND is here. And this time around madness will reach well BEYOND WONDERLAND! Featuring art by superstar artists Dave Finch (ULTIMATUM), Mike Deodato Jr. (DARK AVENGERS) and J. Scott Campbell (DANGER GIRL).

Creators View all

Writer Raven Gregory
Artist Daniel Leister
Colorist Nei Ruffino
Letterer Michael De Lepine, Chris Crank, Alphabet Soup
Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Cover Colorist Nei Ruffino

Characters View all

Alice (Zenescope) (Alice Liddle)
Brandon (Zenescope) (Brandon Price)
Calie (Zenescope) (Carroll Ann Liddle)
Charles (Zenescope) (Charles Dodgson)
Cheshire Cat (Zenescope)
Mad Hatter (Zenescope) (Drake Dodgson)
Jabberwocky (Zenescope)
Death (Zenescope)
Lacy Tenniel (Zenescope) (Carroll Ann Liddle)
Renny (Zenescope) (Renny)
Melody (Zenescope) (Melody Shelly Kendrick)
Sammy (Zenescope) (Sammy Dean)
Howard (Zenescope) (Howard Philips)
Violet (Zenescope) (Violet Liddle)