Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers - The Ms. Marvel Years #2TP

Secret Invasion

Rel: Aug 01, 2018 - Pub: Aug 2018
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Trade Paperback | 456 pages | $39.99

The adventures of Carol Danvers continue! Ms. Marvel drafts two new recruits from the Avengers Initiative: Machine Man and Sleepwalker! And when the young hero Araña is kidnapped, it's time for Carol to use her newly expanded Lightning Strike Force to squash an evil that hits too close to home! Then, when the Skrull Secret Invasion is revealed, is Ms. Marvel on the front lines - or part of the infiltration herself? Outgunned and on the run, with S.H.I.E.L.D. convinced she's a Skrull impostor, Carol must fight for her identity and her life against her very own squad - but they have a Ms. Marvel of their own! Plus: Carol faces a death in the family, fights to rebuild after the Skrull ordeal and has a run-in with the ever-Amazing Spider-Man! Collecting MS. MARVEL (2006) #18-34 and ANNUAL #1. Rated T+

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Writer Brian Reed
Artist Paulo Siqueira, Marcos Marz, Andre Coelho
Penciller Greg Tocchini, Ron Frenz, Adriana Melo, Paulo Siqueira, Aaron Lopresti, Mark A. Robinson
Inker Matt Ryan, Mark Irwin, Roland Paris, Mariah Benes, Sal Buscema, Amilton Santos
Colorist Antonio Fabela, Chris Sotomayor
Letterer Nate Piekos, Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist David Yardin
Cover Colorist Rain Beredo
Editor Stephen Wacker, Tom Brennan, Bill Rosemann
Editor in Chief Joe Quesada

Characters View all

Puppet Master (Phillip Masters)
Silverclaw (Maria De Guadalupe Santiago)
Michael Rossi
Sarah Day
Machine Man (X-51 / Aaron Stack)
Wonder Man (Simon Williams)
Tiger Shark (Todd Arliss)
Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Araña (Anya Sofia Corazon)
Sleepwalker (Rick Sheridan)
William Wagner
Dusk (Cassie St. Commons)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Captain Marvel (Khn'nr)
Agent Sum (David Sum)
Stuart Cavenger
Marie Danvers
Joseph Danvers Sr.
Ghazi Rashid
Rick Mason
Stature (Cassandra 'Cassie' Lang)
Beast (Henry 'Hank' McCoy)
Tigra (Greer Grant-Nelson)
Iron Man (Anthony 'Tony' Stark)