Dark Nights: Metal - Dark Knights Rising #TP

Dark Knights Rising

Rel: Mar 20, 2019 - Pub:
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Trade Paperback | $19.99

The Batman Who Laughs: a lunatic driven mad by his world's Joker. The Red Death: a thief who stole his reality's Speed Force power. The Drowned: a female, amphibious Batman. The Dawnbreaker: a twisted Green Lantern. The Murder Machine: a deranged, deadly cyborg. The Merciless: a warrior who wears the helmet of Ares. The Devastator: a part-human, part-Doomsday monster. The evil Batmen - twisted mirror images of the Dark Knight - have been unleashed upon Earth and the Justice League with only one thing on their minds: total devastation. How can the World's Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings who appear to be powerful nightmare versions of familiar figures? Featuring stories from Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Peter J. Tomasi, Grant Morrison, Joshua Williamson, Ethan Van Sciver, Philip Tan, Tyler Kirkham, Francis Manapul, Riley Rossmo, Tony S. Daniel, Howard Porter, Doug Mahnke and many more!  Collects BATMAN: THE RED DEATH #1, BATMAN: THE DEVASTATOR #1, BATMAN: THE MERCILESS #1, BATMAN: THE MURDER MACHINE #1, BATMAN: THE DROWNED #1, BATMAN: THE DAWNBREAKER #1, THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 and DARK KNIGHTS RISING: THE WILD HUNT #1.

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Writer James Tynion IV, Frank Tieri, Dan Abnett, Grant Morrison, Joshua Williamson, Peter J. Tomasi, Scott Snyder, Sam Humphries
Plotter Frank Tieri
Scripter James Tynion IV
Artist Howard Porter, Jorge Jimenez, Tyler Kirkham, Francis Manapul, Philip Tan, Riccardo Federici, Ethan Van Sciver, Riley Rossmo, Carmine Di Giandomenico
Penciller Doug Mahnke, Tony S. Daniel
Inker Danny Miki, Jamie Mendoza
Colorist Jason Wright, Alejandro Sanchez, Hi-Fi Colour Design, Tomeu Morey, Rain Beredo, Wil Quintana, Ivan Plascencia, Arif Prianto, Dean White
Letterer Tom Napolitano, Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, Jay Fabok, Doug Mahnke
Cover Colorist Brad Anderson, Wil Quintana, Dean White
Editor Eddie Berganza, Paul Kaminski, Rebecca Taylor, Jessica Chen, Dave Wielgosz, Mike Cotton, Andrew Marino
Editor in Chief Bob Harras

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Raven (Rachel Roth)
Kid Flash (Wally West)
Thomas Wayne
Steve Trevor
Cyborg (Victor Stone)
Amanda Waller
Gold (Metal Men)
Lois Lane
Platinum (Metal Men)
Tin (Metal Men)
Martha Wayne
Swamp Thing (Alec Holland)
Rex, the Wonder Dog
Mr. Bones
Veronica Cale
Father Time
Detective Chimp (Bobo T. Chimpanzee)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Flash (Barry Allen)
Iris West
Batman (Earth-43) (Bruce Wayne)
Superman (Earth-31) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Iron (Metal Men)
Aquaman (Orin / Arthur Curry)
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
Egg Fu (Chang Tzu)
Professor Ivo (Anthony Ivo)
Silas Stone
T.O. Morrow (Thomas Oscar Morrow)
Manhattan Guardian (Jake Jordan)
James 'Jim' Gordon
Mercury (Metal Men)
Jillian Pearlman
Wonder Woman (Diana)
Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)
Dr. Sivana (Thaddeus Bodog Sivana)
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Red Tornado (John Smith)
Sam Lane
Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
James Bartholomew 'Jimmy' Olsen
James Gordon
Mr. Stubbs
Captain Leatherwing (Earth-31)
Gold Superman (Earth-44)
Iron Batman (Earth-44)
Lead Green Arrow (Earth-44)
Mercury Flash (Earth-44)
Nth Metal Hawkman (Earth-44)
Platinum Wonder Woman (Earth-44)
Tin Elongated Man (Earth-44)
Doc Magnus (William Magnus)
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)
Jon Kent-Lane
Superwoman (Lana Lang)
Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson)
Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)
Kid Flash (Wally West II)
Superboy (Jonathan Samuel Kent)
Batman Who Laughs (Bruce Wayne)
Batman the Red Death (Bruce Wayne)
Batman the Murder Machine (Bruce Wayne)
Batman The Destroyer (Bruce Wayne)
Batman The Merciless (Bruce Wayne)
Batman The Murder Machine (Earth -44) (Bruce Wayne)
Batman The Red Death (Earth -52) (Bruce Wayne)
Batman the Dawnbreaker (Bruce Wayne)
Dawnbreaker (Earth -32) (Bruce Wayne)
Batman The Drowned (Earth -11) (Bryce Wayne)
Aquawoman (Earth -11)
Batman the Red Death (Bruce Wayne (Earth- -52))
Batman the Murder Machine (Bruce Wayne (Earth- -44))
Batman the Dawnbreaker (Bruce Wayne (Earth- -32))
Batman the Drowned (Bryce Wayne)
Batman the Devastator (Bruce Wayne)
Batman The Merciless (Earth -12) (Bruce Wayne)
Batman Who Laughs (Earth -22) (Bruce Wayne)
Joker (Earth -22)
Superman (Earth -22) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Batgirl (Earth -22) (Barbara Gordon)
Nightwing (Earth -22) (Richard 'Dick' Grayson)
Red Robin (Earth -22) (Timothy 'Tim' Drake)
Red Hood (Earth -22) (Jason Todd)
Robin (Earth -22) (Damian Wayne)
Flash (Earth -22) (Barry Allen)
Wonder Woman (Earth -22) (Diana of Themyscira)
Red Tornado (Earth -22)
Plastic Man (Earth -22) (Patrick O'Brian)
Martian Manhunter (Earth -22) (J'onn J'onzz)
Lois Lane (Earth -22)
Superboy (Earth -22) (Jon Kent)
Batman The Devastator (Earth -1) (Bruce Wayne)
Superman (Earth -1) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Devastator (Earth -1) (Bruce Wayne)
Drowned (Earth -11) (Bryce Wayne)
Merciless (Earth -12) (Bruce Wayne)
Murder Machine (Earth -44) (Bruce Wayne)
Cyborg (Earth-44) (Victor Stone)
Alfred Pennyworth (Earth-44) (Alfred Pennyworth)
Clayface (Earth-44) (Basil Karlo)
Superman (Earth-44) (Kal-El)
Wonder Woman (Earth-44) (Diane of Themyscira)
Green Lantern (Earth-44) (Hal Jordan)
Aquaman (Earth-44) (Arthur Curry)
Flash (Earth-44)
Green Arrow (Earth-44) (Oliver Queen)
Barbara Gordan
Bane (Earth-44)
Killer Croc (Earth-44) (Waylon Jones)
Harley Quinn (Earth-44) (Harleen Quinzel)
Two-Face (Earth-44) (Harvey Dent)
Robins (Earth-22)
Green Lantern (Earth-32) (Apros)
Green Lantern (Earth-32) (Kilowog)
Green Lantern (Earth-32) (Chaseion)
Green Lantern (Earth-32) (Salakk)
Green Lantern (Earth-32) (Tomar-Re)
Joe Chill (Earth-32)
Penguin (Earth-32) (Oswald Cobblepot)
Scarecrow (Earth-32) (Jonathan Crane)
Evil Robins (Earth -22)
Red Death (Earth -52) (Bruce Wayne / Barry Allen)
Ganthet (Earth -32)
Wonder Woman (Earth-31)
Superape (Earth-53) (Titano)