Detective Comics, Vol. 3 #968B

A Lonely Place of Living, Conclusion

Rel: Nov 08, 2017 - Pub: Jan 2018
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Variant Cully Hamner Justice League Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

"A LONELY PLACE OF LIVING" finale! Tim Drake is back on Earth - but if the deadly threat he brought back with him from outside of time has its way, it won't be for long... and this shadowy figure wants to take one of Batman's team down with him, too! Everything Tim died for the first time is at risk, if he can't survive this attack!

Creators View all

Writer James Tynion IV
Penciller Alvaro Martinez
Inker Raul Fernandez
Colorist Tomeu Morey
Letterer Sal Cipriano
Cover Artist Cully Hamner
Editor Chris Conroy, Andrew Marino

Characters View all

Nightwing (Richard 'Dick' Grayson)
Alfred Pennyworth
Clayface (Basil Karlo)
Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)
Brother Eye
Robin (Damian Wayne)
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Titus the Dog
Batwing (Lucas 'Luke' Fox)
Red Hood (Jason Peter Todd)
Orphan (Cassandra 'Cassie' Cain)
Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong
Batwoman (Katherine 'Kate' Rebecca Kane)
Batman (Timothy 'Tim' Drake)
Red Robin (Timothy 'Tim' Jackson Drake)