Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four, Vol. 1 #174


Rel: Jun 22, 1976 - Pub: Sep 1976
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $0.30

Reed and Ben must escape from their bonds if they have any chance of surviving as they are, and not being turned into robots. Meanwhile, Johnny and Gorr learn that the medieval world they found is not at all what it seemed. Finally, Sue transports herself to the third world while the High Evolutionary takes on Galactus head to head.

Creators View all

Writer Roy Thomas
Artist John Buscema
Penciller John Buscema
Inker Joe Sinnott
Colorist Janice Cohen
Letterer Joe Rosen
Cover Artist Jack Kirby
Cover Inker Frank Giacoia
Editor Roy Thomas

Characters View all

Galactus (Galan)
High Evolutionary (Herbert Edgar Wyndham)
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)
Invisible Girl (Susan Storm-Richards)
Human Torch (Jonathan Spencer Lowell 'Johnny' Storm)
Thing (Benjamin Jacob Grimm)