Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four, Vol. 1 #176

Improbable as it may seem--The Impossible Man is back in Town

Rel: Aug 24, 1976 - Pub: Nov 1976
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $0.30

The team have returned from their encounter with Galactus, and the Impossible Man is coming with them. They find themselves trying to contain Impy`s rampage when Stan Lee refuses to make a comic about him, only to be distracted when they learn that the Frightful Four have taken over the Baxter Building while they recruit a new member.

Creators View all

Writer Roy Thomas
Penciller George Pérez
Inker Joe Sinnott
Colorist Michele Wolfman
Letterer Joe Rosen
Editor Roy Thomas

Characters View all

Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Impossible Man
Trapster (Peter Petruski)
George Perez
Sandman (William / Flint Baker / Marko)
Wizard (Bentley Wittman)
Marv Wolfman
John Verpoorten
Roy Thomas
Archie Goodwin
Gerry Conway
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)
Roger Stern
Invisible Girl (Susan Storm-Richards)
Human Torch (Jonathan Spencer Lowell 'Johnny' Storm)
Thing (Benjamin Jacob Grimm)
Joe Sinnott
Marie Severin