Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four, Vol. 1 #183

Battleground: The Baxter Building

Rel: Mar 22, 1977 - Pub: Jun 1977
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $0.30

Reed, Ben, and Johnny return from the Negative Zone, chasing the Scavenger and Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod. Once arriving, they discover Sue, Thundra and Tigra battling the Scavenger, while the Brute watches from the sidelines. The Mad Thinker escapes, knowing his plans have been foiled by... his lack of planning.

Creators View all

Writer Roger Stern, Roger Slifer, Ralph Macchio, Bill Mantlo, Len Wein, Jim Shooter
Artist Sal Buscema
Penciller Joe Sinnott, Sal Buscema
Inker Joe Sinnott
Colorist Phil Rachelson
Letterer Gaspar Saladino
Cover Artist George Pérez
Cover Inker Joe Sinnott
Editor Archie Goodwin

Characters View all

Impossible Man
Mad Thinker
Brute (Counter-Earth) (Reed Richards)
Tigra (Greer Grant-Nelson)
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)
Scavenger (Marvel)
Invisible Girl (Susan Storm-Richards)
Human Torch (Jonathan Spencer Lowell 'Johnny' Storm)
Thing (Benjamin Jacob Grimm)