Interspecies Reviewers #HC


Rel: Apr 2020 - Pub: Apr 2020
Yen Press
Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Hard Cover
Graphic Novel | 304 pages | $19.00

In a world where myriad races live side by side, it’s only natural that shops serving a great variety of tastes can be found. It’s here that the adventurer Stunk and his troublemaker friends review everything that the exotic red light districts have to offer, where the only questions are who is the best and where do they go next! Whether it’s enjoying the poison play with a basilisk in glasses or NTR play with a selkie, there’s nothing to do but dive into these Ecstasy Days!

Prologue Elven's Oyodo
Episode 1 Kama Sutra
Episode 2 Nyannyan heaven and
Episode 3 Vajiri daughter club
Episode 4 Door gap
Episode 5 Summoning Service W Affair
Episode 6 Fallen Tree Dead Tree
Episode 7 Nemuppia Epilogue Food Drink Drink

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Writer Amahara, Habaratetsu
Artist Masha, W18