Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd The Megazine, Vol. 5 #409

Rel: Jun 26, 2019 - Pub:
Science Fiction
Modern Age | Black & White / Color | United Kingdom | English
Comic | 32 pages | $5.99

More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! New stories start this issue: Dredd heads for the Mediterranean Free States to pick up an informer, but an old enemy has him in her sights in "The Red Queen's Gambit"; The Returners are back, as the paranormal investigation team answer a distress call in "Chandhu"; and young street punk Nia runs with the Diamond Dogs gang, but there's more to her than her friends realize in this Brit-Cit thriller. Plus there's the concluding chapters to Lawless: Ashes to Ashes, and The Torture Garden, and interviews, features and more. And in the bagged mini-trade, the second half of epic space saga Mind Wars by Alan Hebden and Jesus Redondo, ripped from the pages of Starlord!

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Writer Si Spencer, David Hine, James Peaty, Dan Abnett, Arthur Wyatt
Artist Warren Pleece, Phil Winslade, Nick Percival, Jake Lynch, Nicholas Assirelli
Cover Artist Nick Percival
Editor Matt Smith

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Judge Death (Sidney De'ath)
Judge Dredd (Joseph Dredd)
Nia Jones
Nerys Pettifer
Colonial Marshal Lawson (Metta Lawson)