The Punisher Epic Collection #3TP

Kingpin Rules

Rel: Feb 06, 2019 - Pub: Apr 2019
Epic Collection
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Trade Paperback | 480 pages | $39.99

Delivering justice from New York to Japan! Gary Saunders is on death row - but the law doesn't move fast enough for the Punisher! The kids at Malcolm Shabazz High School had better behave for their new substitute teacher: Mr. Castle! But how does that lead to Frank trying to topple the Kingpin? He's determined to take down Wilson Fisk once and for all - and it's all building to a brutal face-off! Then, Frank heads to Las Vegas in search of an assassin! A knockout round in the boxing ring leads to an encounter with the ninja Shadowmasters, and he'll team up with Moon Knight when Atlantis Attacks - but what is the Punisher's part in the Evolutionary War? Plus: Frank takes on a war journal's worth of drug dealers, mobsters and criminals! Collecting PUNISHER (1987) #11-25 and PUNISHER ANNUAL #1-2. Rated T+

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Writer Roger Salick, Mike Baron, Mark Gruenwald, Peter Sanderson
Scripter Mike Baron
Artist Mike Vosburg, Bill Reinhold
Penciller Tod Smith, Erik Larsen, Shea Anton Pensa, Mike Vosburg, Larry Stroman, Bill Reinhold, Paris Cullins, Whilce Portacio, Mark Texeira, Jim Lee, Mark Bagley
Inker Randy Emberlin, Scott Williams, Keith Williams, Tony DeZuniga, Al Williamson, Mike Vosburg, Bill Reinhold, Gerry Talaoc, John Beatty
Colorist Mark Chiarello, Gregory Wright, Janet Jackson, Christie 'Max' Scheele, John Wellington, Glynis Oliver-Wein, Glynis Oliver, Christie Scheele, Mister Adam
Letterer Jim Novak, Jade Moede, Janice Chiang, Ken Lopez, Ken Bruzenak
Layouts Whilce Portacio
Cover Artist Scott Williams, Erik Larsen, Bill Reinhold, Larry Stroman, Whilce Portacio
Cover Penciller Bret Blevins, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio
Cover Inker Scott Williams, Ron Randall, Hilary Barta
Cover Colorist Veronica Gandini
Editor Ralph Macchio, Carl Potts, Mark Gruenwald
Editor in Chief Tom DeFalco

Characters View all

Moon Knight (Marc Spector)
Watcher (Uatu)
Conchita Ortiz
Vernon Brooks
Iris Green
High Evolutionary (Herbert Edgar Wyndham)
Madame Hydra (Ophelia 'Viper' Sarkissian)
Punisher (Frank Castle)
Microchip (David Linus Lieberman)
Yuriko Ezaki
Philip Richards
Hatsu Yakamoto
Katherine Yakamoto
Board (Jeremy Wilson)
Reese McDowell
Kingpin (Wilson Grant Fisk)
George Tam Wong
Spider Roque