Sad Girl Psycho Baby #2W

Rel: May 2019 - Pub: May 2019
Still Ill Princess
Action, Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Futuristic, Horror, Mature, Monster
Modern Age | Black & White / Color | USA | English
65k Stretch Goal Sexy Sad Girl Regular Cover
Comic | 44 pages | $20.00

ZOMBIE TRAMP creator Dan Mendoza invites you to join him in the second self-publication of his studio, STiLL iLL PRiNCESS. SAD GIRL PSYCHO BABY 2.
In a destroyed world lit by a perpetual sunset sky, a new evolution is born. New races, new blood, new rule. In this ever-changing landscape, the only constants are gangs, low riders, and Spanglish.
From beneath the rubble of the destroyed 22 castles gang, emerges a girl bent on revenge. Enter Sad Girl Psycho Baby. A girl born out of sadness, a sadness so great, that those who remain around her become suicidal. The only ones unaffected by this were her Grandma and little brother, who were taken from her many years ago.
Now all grown up and hardened by the new world, Sad Girl sets out to find the one responsible: the mysterious woman known only as Relik.
Teamed up with her bubbly Sidekick, Sugar Pop (the beautiful, voluptuous unicorn girl with healing abilities), Sad Girl ventures off in search of food and loot.
This leisurely day of canned goods, baths and childhood flash backs soon gets heated when Sad Girl’s armory mysteriously disappears from the trunk of her car.
Watch and read as this “Smile now, cry later” duo FUCK SHIT UP in this New 44 page issue of SAD GIRL PSYCHO BABY 2, “THAT BITCH RELIK”.

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Writer Dan Mendoza
Artist Dan Mendoza
Letterer Dan Mendoza
Cover Artist Dan Mendoza

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Sad Girl Psycho baby
Sugar Pop