Star Trek

Star Trek (Marvel Comics 1980) #7

Tomorrow Or Yesterday

Rel: Jul 01, 1980 - Pub: Oct 1980
Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $0.50

The Enterprise is sent to evacuate a planetary population before disaster strikes in the form of a radioactive cloud. Kirk, Spock and McCoy find themselves stranded on the planet's surface, unable to beam out, while the Enterprise abandons them in a desperate suicide mission, hoping to disperse the cloud.

Creators View all

Writer Tom DeFalco
Penciller Mike Nasser
Inker Klaus Janson
Letterer Ray Burzon
Cover Penciller Mike Nasser
Editor Louise Simonson-Jones
Editor in Chief James 'Jim' Shooter

Characters View all

James Tiberius Kirk
Pavel Chekov
Hikaru Sulu
Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott
Nyota Uhura
Leonard H. 'Bones' McCoy