Star Trek

Star Trek, Vol. 1 #5

Mortal Gods

Rel: Mar 15, 1984 - Pub: Jun 1984
Adventure, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $0.75

The Enterprise is called upon to look for survivors of a crash. They find that one such survivor has set himself up as a God to a primitive peoples, and it's up to the Enterprise to bring him back and repair the cultural damage done.

Creators View all

Writer Mike W. Barr
Penciller Tom Sutton, Tom Sutton
Inker Sal Amendola
Colorist Michele Wolfman
Letterer John Costanza
Cover Artist Sal Amendola, Tom Sutton
Editor Marv Wolfman

Characters View all

James Tiberius Kirk
Hikaru Sulu
Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott
Nyota Uhura
William Bearclaw
Leonard H. 'Bones' McCoy
Nancy Bryce
Elizabeth Sherwood
Phil Hodges
Lylla (Star Trek)