Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet #5A

Training Course, Part 5

Rel: Mar 13, 2019 - Pub: May 2019
Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular David Nakayama Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

BEHIND ENEMY LINES! •  HAN SOLO and his fellow cadets risk their lives to save one of their own. •  But not all of them will be coming back from this mission... •  ...and even if Han survives, will the Empire throw him in the brig or worse? Rated T

Creators View all

Writer Robbie Thompson
Penciller Leonard Kirk
Inker Cory Hamscher, Daniele Orlandini
Colorist Arif Prianto
Letterer Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist David Nakayama
Editor Mark Paniccia, Thomas 'Tom' Groneman
Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski

Characters View all

Han Solo
Beilert Valance
Hanina Nico
Lyttan Dree
Tamu Dree