The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 #417


Rel: Sep 11, 1996 - Pub: Nov 1996
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $1.50

Chakra comes to the local asylum, and Pete is called in on the story. It appears that Judas Traveller needs help, and Chakra can't do it alone. In exchange, she shares much information about the abilities of the others.

Creators View all

Writer Tom DeFalco
Penciller Ron Garney
Inker Al Williamson
Colorist Bob Sharen
Letterer Comicraft, Richard Starkings
Separator Graphic Colorworks
Cover Artist Ron Garney
Cover Colorist Bob Sharen
Editor Ralph Macchio
Editor in Chief Bob Harras

Characters View all

John Jameson
Judas Traveller
Chakra (Anjali Sridhara)
Anna Watson
Rose (Richard Fisk)
Mr. Nacht
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Mary Jane Watson-Parker
Spider-Man (Benjamin 'Ben' Reilly)
Gaunt (Mendel Stromm)