The Following Casework #1


Rel: 2019 - Pub:
Awaken Inc.
Action, Fantasy
Color | English
Digital Comic | 26 pages

A trending hashtag has sprung up, #needamiracle, and a new god is granting wishes to those who use it. Transforming both minds and souls, no one knows what this god receives in exchange for the miracles. However, when the divine rears its immortal head, there is T. Titus Thyme, Theological Investigator. T. Titus Thyme. Theological Investigator. The Divine Detective. A nuisance of godly proportions, Thyme has a penchant for finding those cases that smack of the supernatural. And running towards it at breakneck speed for the chance to get a closer look.

Luckily, Bev is usually by his side. Punk elf Hispanic, and hacker by trade, Bev often wonders how she got put into this situation. But, if nothing else, being by Thyme’s side is certainly interesting.

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Writer Jack Holder
Artist Lucas Santos
Colorist Chunlin Zhao