Star Trek

Who's Who: Star Trek #1

Andoriand to McCoy, Leonard H.

Rel: Dec 11, 1986 - Pub: Mar 1987
Adventure, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 48 pages | $1.50

Written and researched by Allan Asherman. Character/artist listing: Andorians by Mike Clark and Karl Kesel; Apollo by George Perez; Robert April by Art Thibert; Arex by Ken Penders and Freff; David Bailey by John Byrne; Bearclaw by Jan Duursema; Phillip Boyce by Jonathan Peterson and Greg Theakston; Nancy Bryce by Art Thibert and Mike DeCarlo; Christine Chapel by Ken Penders and Michael Bair; Pavel Chekov by Dan Spiegle; Samuel T. Cogley by Ken Penders and Dell Barras; Richard Daystrom by Ron Frenz and Mike DeCarlo; Matthew Decker by Denys Cowan and Mike DeCarlo; Willard Decker by Ron Frenz and Dick Giordano; Elizabeth Dehner by Denys Cowan and Rick Magyar; Deltans by Michael Bair; Elasians by Kevin Maguire and Michael Bair; U.S.S. Enterprise by Joe Brozowski and Freff; Excalbians by Jim Reddington and Greg Theakston; U.S.S. Excelsior by Joe Brozowski and Dell Barras; Fabrini by Mike Clark and Tony Salmons; John Farrell by Jonathan Peterson and Dick Giordano; Benjamin Finney by Steve Bove and Dell Barras; Gem by Denys Cowan and Mike DeCarlo; Gorns by Denys Cowan and Greg Brooks; Amanda Grayson by Denys Cowan and Greg Brooks; Guardian of Forever by Mike Clark and Tony Salmons; Hortas by John Byrne; Ilia by Ron Randall; Iotians by John Byrne; Cyrano Jones by Dan Jurgens and Pablo Marcos; Edith Keeler by Ron Frenz and Dick Giordano; Lee Kelso by Ken Penders and Greg Brooks; Khan Noonian Singh by John Byrne; James T. Kirk by Tom Sutton and Pablo Marcos; Klingons by Dan Jurgens and Greg Brooks; Konom by Tom Sutton and Dell Barras; Roger Korby by Jim Reddington and Bernard Sachs; Thomas Kyle by Ken Penders and Mike DeCarlo; Frank Leslie by Ken Penders and Greg Theakston; Carol Marcus by Kevin Maguire and Art Nichols; David Marcus by Denys Cowan and Bill Wray; Leonard H. McCoy by Gray Morrow. Appendix on inside back cover. Howard Chaykin wraparound cover. Cover price $1.50.

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Writer Allan Asherman
Artist John Byrne, Gray Morrow, Dan Spiegle, Ken Penders, George Pérez, Art Thibert, Jan Duursema
Penciller Ron Frenz, Kevin Maguire, Mike Clark, Joe Brozowski, Jim Reddington, Jonathan Peterson, Tom Sutton, Denys Cowan, Dan Jurgens, Steve Bove
Inker Michael Bair, Pablo Marcos, Rick Magyar, Greg Brooks, Bernard Sachs, Greg Theakston, Tony Salmons, Karl Kesel, Del Barras, Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo, Bill Wray
Cover Artist Howard Chaykin
Cover Penciller Howard Chaykin
Editor Bob Greenberger

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James Tiberius Kirk
Pavel Chekov
Christine Chapel
Matthew Decker
David Marcus
Lee Kelso
Carol Marcus
Robert April
Elizabeth Dehner
Guardian of Forever
Willard Decker
Edith Keeler
William Bearclaw
Amanda Grayson
Phillip Boyce
Samuel T. Cogley
Leonard H. 'Bones' McCoy
Nancy Bryce
David Bailey
Richard Daystrom
John Farrell
Benjamin Finney
Cyrano Jones
Khan Noonian Singh
Roger Korby
Thomas Kyle
Frank Leslie
Apollo (Star Trek)