Chrono Trigger

Oct 27, 1995
RPG, Action/Adventure




Dream Project
Cartridge | Kids to Adults


The millennium. A portal is opened. The chain of time is broken. A young man is transported into the past, altering the course of history and the outcome of the future. He has to find his way home, but first he must travel to the outer edges of time to repair the world's chronology. On the way he encounters strange friends and foes, utilizes incredible devices and vehicles, and penetrates and neutralizes the fortresses of the past, present, and future. A paradox has been created. If he does not restore the order of time, nothing will ever be the same. He is the one who will become a hero. He is Crono.


Barcode Region Edition Price Loose Price CIB Price New
094689151047 USA USD $87.50 USD $292.00 USD $1,001.28
4961012946037 Japan