Little House on the Prairie

Little House On The Prairie: Season 3

Goldhil Home Media (1976)
Drama, Family, Western
USA | English | Color | 18h

The long-running award-winning family drama was based upon the series of "Little House" autobiographical books, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Television producer and NBC executive Ed Friendly became aware of the endearing and enduring story in the early 1970s. He asked Michael Landon to direct the pilot movie. He said he would if he could also play the father. The Time: beginning in the 1870s.
The Place: the American frontier - more specifically (mostly) Walnut Grove / Plum Creek, Minnesota.
The Characters: the Ingalls family - as seen through the eyes of
Laura Ingalls - the precocious, winsome second daughter of
Charles 'Pa' - a homesteader farmer/woodworker; demanding and compassionate.
Caroline 'Ma' - sensitive and understanding wife and mother.
Mary - pretty older sister (12 when the series began), who would become blind due to illness.
Carrie - cute younger sister.
Jack - the loyal, lovable family dog. (he would be replaced by Bandit in the season 4 premier

Cast View all

Melissa Sue Anderson Mary Ingalls
Scottie MacGregor Harriet Oleson
Melissa Gilbert Laura Ingalls
Michael Landon Charles Ingalls
Karen Grassle Caroline Ingalls
Lindsay Greenbush Carrie Ingalls
Sidney Greenbush Carrie Ingalls
Victor French Isaiah Edwards
Jonathan Gilbert Willie Oleson
Alison Arngrim Nellie Oleson
Richard Bull Nels Oleson
Bonnie Bartlett Grace Snider Edwards
Charlotte Stewart Eva Beadle
Brian Part Carl Sanderson Edwards
Kyle Richards Alicia Sanderson Edwards
Kevin Hagen Dr. Hiram Baker
Dabbs Greer Reverend Robert Alden
Karl Swenson Lars Hanson
Cindy Moore Tall Schoolgirl
Ruth Foster Melinda Foster
Jack Lilley Stage Driver
Carl Pitti Carl
Bryce Berg Boy
Ott Bunny
Brian Libby Jake

Episodes View details

1 The Collection 60 min | Sep 26, 1976

Reverend Alden gets sick while collecting donations. Caleb Hodgekiss, an ex-convict, helps the Reverend by giving him a place to stay and volunteering to get the donations from Walnut Grove. Caleb poses as a friend of the Reverend so that he might get donations which he initially planned to keep for himself.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Arthur Heinemann
Guest stars: Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Hope Summers, Queenie Smith, Ted Gehring
2 Bunny 60 min | Oct 03, 1976

Nellie falls off of Bunny and pretends to be paralyzed. Mrs. Oleson blames Laura for this and wants to destroy Bunny.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Michael Landon
Guest stars: Eric Shea, Alison Arngrim, Richard Bull, Kevin Hagen, Charlotte Stewart
3 The Race 60 min | Oct 10, 1976

Laura and her horse, Bunny, are picked to win at the horse race in town. Since Mrs. Oleson doesn't want Laura to win, she buys a great thoroughbred for Nellie to ride.

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: John V. Hanrahan
Guest stars: Jack Lilley, Carl Pitti, James Jeter, Walter Brooke, Karl Swenson
4 Little Girl Lost 60 min | Jan 10, 1977

Carrie, having tagged along on Laura and Mary's classroom assignment, falls down a mine shaft, providing an alcoholic ex-miner a chance at redemption.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Paul W. Cooper
Guest stars: John Ireland, Carl Pitti
5 The Monster of Walnut Grove 60 min | Nov 01, 1976

Laura's imagination runs wild on Halloween when she thinks she sees Nels cut off Mrs Oleson's head. Laura tells Nellie and Willie what she saw. Since the Oleson kids know that their mother is really out of town, they decide to scare Laura a little bit more. Everything is straightened up when Mrs. Oleson comes back.

Guest stars: Milton Parsons, Jack Lilley, Candy Moore, Alison Arngrim
6 Journey in the Spring (1) 60 min | Nov 15, 1976

Charles' father, Lansford Ingalls, doesn't want to live after his wife dies. Charles brings his father to Walnut Grove to help him out. When Laura's horse gets hurt, she blames her grandpa.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Michael Landon
Guest stars: Matthew Laborteaux, Arthur Hill, Jan Sterling, Hersha Parady, Mark Lenard, Jim Boles
7 Journey in the Spring (2) 60 min | Nov 22, 1976

Lansford leaves because he feels really bad. Once Laura realizes that her grandpa wasn't to blame for the accident, she looks for Lansford and convinces him to come back home.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Michael Landon
Guest stars: Arthur Hill, Robert Gibbons, Jim Boles
8 Fred 60 min | Nov 29, 1976

Laura is tricked into taking a ""one of a kind"" billy goat home with her. After Fred eats some of the Ingalls' crops, Laura is forced to get rid of the billy goat. Every person that Laura wanted to give the billy goat to resulted in a funny time. Laura finally decides to set him free in the wild. This episode is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: Robert Vincent Wright
Guest stars: Arthur Space, Don 'Red' Barry, Joan Tompkins, Bryce Berg
9 The Bully Boys 60 min | Dec 06, 1976

Rev. Alden's pleas to ""turn the other cheek"" is put to the test when a family of ruffians move to Walnut Grove and cause trouble.

Director: Victor French
Writer: B.W. Sandefur
Guest stars: Roy Jenson, Roy Jenson, Michael Le Clair, Geoffrey Lewis, Rayford Barnes
10 The Hunters 60 min | Dec 20, 1976

Pa decides to take Laura hunting with him. When Charles and Laura are getting settled down for the night, Laura trips over her dad's gun and sets it off. Charles is badly wounded. Laura runs to get help, but the only person she can find is a blind person, Sam. Since Sam just recently became blind, he knew his way around somewhat. After getting lost a few times, Sam and Laura finally find Mr. Edwards' home. Mr. Edwards gets a doctor, who saves Mr. Ingalls. Thanks to Laura, Sam learned that just because he was blind didn't mean he had to stay at home and do nothing.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Harold Swanton
Guest stars: Michael Rougas, Paul Brinegar, Johnny Crawford, Burl Ives
11 Blizzard 60 min | Dec 27, 1976

The day before Christmas vacation started, Miss Beadle lets the children out early when she notices that a snowstorm is beginning. The children aren't able to make it home before the storm starts. The men of Walnut Grove search for the children while Doc Baker takes care of the frostbitten children that show up at the school.

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: Paul W. Cooper
Guest stars: Launa Anders, John Carter , Luana Anders, Don Dubbins, Helen Stenborg, Robert Gibbons, Johnny Timko, Christopher Page, Aaron Fletcher
12 I'll Ride The Wind 60 min | Oct 17, 1976

Mary and John have fallen deeply in love and want to get married, but John has a problem. He must decide if he will accept a scholarship and go to college or stay with Mary. At first Mary doesn't want him to go until she and John both realize that he must take the scholarship to try to make his dreams of becoming a writer a reality.

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: Harold Swanton
Guest stars: Radames Pera, Walker Edmiston
13 Quarantine 60 min | Jan 17, 1977

Mr. Edwards and Doc Baker help a nearby town with an epidemic case of mountain fever. When Mr. Edwards returns, a quarantine is placed on Walnut Grove. Alicia, Mr. Edward's adopted daughter comes down with the disease. Mr. Edwards tries to help his daughter. Laura, not knowing about the disease, goes to visit Alicia and Mr. Edwards. Laura ends up taking care of the both of them while they recover.

Director: Victor French
Writer: John Hawkins
Guest stars: Rance Howard, Marshall Kent, Richard Farnsworth, Alex Sharp, Ray Guth
14 Little Women 60 min | Jan 24, 1977

The school children are allowed to put on plays in groups. Laura and Mary work with Ginny Clark, a student who has no father. Ginny wants her mother to date, but her mother, Della, doesn't believe she looks good enough. Ginny sells her long beautiful hair so she can buy her mother a new dress. Della at first accuses Ginny of stealing money until she sees that her daughter has cut her hair.

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: Dale Eunson, B.W. Sandefur
Guest stars: Warren Vanders, Kay Peters, Roger Bowen, Rachel Longaker, Bryce Berg
15 Injun Kid 60 min | Jan 31, 1977

Joseph Stokes is the son of a Sioux Indian who moves to Walnut Grove with his widowed mother. They stay with his grandpa, Jeremy. Jeremy doesn't like Joseph because he is embarrassed that his daughter married an Indian. At school, Joseph is being bullied. Jeremy finally accepts Joseph when he sees his grandson face the bullies

Director: Victor French
Writer: Arthur Heinemann
Guest stars: George Murdock, Ivy Jones, Willie Aames, Caesar Ramirez, Vincent Cobb, Bryce Berg
16 To Live With Fear (1) 60 min | Feb 14, 1977

Mary has an accident with a horse in the barn. When Mary starts to get worse, the Ingalls take her to a specialist. There they learn that Mary needs an immediate operation.

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: B.W. Sandefur
Guest stars: Ivan Bonar, Darrell Zwerling, Naomi Ross, Sheldon Coburn, Ralph Smiley
17 To Live With Fear (2) 60 min | Feb 21, 1977

Caroline stays with Mary who suddenly needs another operation. Charles leave and take on a high risk job to pay for the operation for Mary and Mr. Edwards goes with him. They take a job as a couple of Powder Monkeys making a tunnel for the railroad. But safety is far at the back of Charles' mind as he takes risks, refusing to stop even when a funeral of a Chinese worker takes place. This rush inevitably causes a cave-in where Charles and Harris are buried.

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: John Hawkins
Guest stars: James Shigeta, Ivan Bonar, John McLiam, James Sikking, Darrell Zwerling, M.P. Murphy, Naomi Ross, Cordy Clark, Paul King, Sheldon Coburn
18 The Wisdom of Solomon 60 min | Mar 07, 1977

Solomon Henry, an eleven year old black boy, runs away from his family because he's tired of everybody treating him different. He goes to live with the Ingalls. The Ingalls learn many important things and Laura learns an important lesson : Don't take things for granted. The Ingalls convince Solomon to be proud of his heritage. Solomon goes back to his family in the end.

Director: William F. Claxton
Writer: Scott Swanton
Guest stars: Todd Bridges, Maidie Norman, David Downing, Frederic Downs, Don Pedro Colley, Russ Marin
19 The Music Box 60 min | Mar 14, 1977

Laura befriends a new girl, Anna, who stutters and has a hard time making friends. A jealous Nellie starts an elite club and although she invites Laura, she leaves Anna out. While at the Olesons, Laura steals one of Nellie's music boxes.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Robert Janes
Guest stars: Katy Kurtzman, Fred Stuthman, Lidia Kristen
20 The Election 60 min | Mar 20, 1977

As a prank to make him look foolish, the older boys of Walnut Grove school nominate the object of their practical jokes, gentle Elmer Dobkins, to run for class president against popular Mary Ingalls and wealthy Nellie Oleson. While Mary and Nellie wage their campaigns with promises of popcorn and gum balls, Mr. Dobkins witnesses his son being teased by the older boys and, when he finds out why Elmer was nominated, angrily orders him to pull out of the election. But, when election day comes and the race seems too close to call, a cruel act and children tired of being bullied decide the outcome.

Director: Victor French
Writer: B.W. Sandefur
Guest stars: Charles Aidman, Eric Olson, Mitzi Hoag, John Herbsleb, Dermott Downs, Leslie Landon, Michael Landon, Jr., Wade Alberty
21 Gold Country (1) 60 min | Apr 03, 1977

After having their crops destroyed, the Ingalls leave Walnut Grove to try their luck at striking it rich. After being at the gold mines for a while, the Ingalls realize that greed has been poisoning their minds. They leave to go home instead of looking for more gold.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: John Hawkins, B.W. Sandefur
Guest stars: E.J. André, Larry Pernell, Wil Albert, Larry Golden, Robert Forward, Vernon Weddle, Steve Shaw, Alan McRae, Vanna Salviati, Sparky Watt, Dick Armstrong, Brian Libby
22 Gold Country (2) 60 min | Apr 03, 1977

A heavy rain has been falling in Walnut Grove for two months, and it shows no signs of stopping. Farmers like Charles fear that their families will go hungry, and after reading an article in the newspaper, they take a 400-mile journey with their wives and children for a temporary new life in Gold Country. Things start out pretty well when Charles and Isaiah dig up some gold, but Laura and Carl get a completely different perspective from a new friend that they meet near their camp site. Meanwhile, Caroline opens and teaches a school in a tent, right in the middle of town, but it proves to be a less-than-ideal learning environment for everyone.

Director: Michael Landon
Writer: John Hawkins, B.W. Sandefur
Guest stars: E.J. André, Larry Pernell, Wil Albert, Larry Golden, Robert Forward, Vernon Weddle, Steve Shaw, Alan McRae, Vanna Salviati, Sparky Watt, Dick Armstrong, Brian Libby


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