The Sandlot 2

20th Century Fox (2005)
Comedy, Family, Sports
USA | English | Color | 1h 37min

A decade has passed in the small town where the original Sandlot gang banded together during the summer of ’62 to play baseball and battle the Beast. Now comes the sequel, a campy romp back to the dugout where nine new kids descend on the diamond only to discover that a descendant of the Beast lives in Mr. Mertle’s backyard--a monster of mythical proportions known as "The Great Fear."

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Max Lloyd-Jones David Durango
James Willson Johnnie Smalls
Samantha Burton Hayley Goodfairer
Brett Kelly Mac
Cole Evan Weiss Saul
Neilen Benvegnu Tarqell
Sean Berdy Sammy
Jessica King Penny
McKenzie Freemantle Jenny
Griffin Reilly Evans The Retriever
Reece Thompson Singleton
Teryl Rothery Mrs. Goodfairer
Greg Germann Mr. Goodfairer
James Earl Jones Mr. Mertle
Steve Garvey Little League Coach
Austin Dunn Young David
Barbara Kottmeier Hot Young Lady
Michael Antonakos Boyfriend
Celia Bond Woman at Movie
Jim Dunn Man at Movie
David Mickey Evans Narrator
David Barkes Anchor Welder
Tom Guiry Scotty Smalls
Johnny Sawchuk Neighbor
Mike Vitar Benny Rodriguez


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
024543176060 DVD 1 May 03, 2005
024543188940 DVD 1
024543372578 DVD 1 Oct 17, 2006
024543176381 DVD 1
5039036024815 DVD 2
8712626020905 DVD 2 Mar 28, 2007
9321337047980 DVD 4
9321337090535 DVD
9321337062785 DVD
6003805054098 DVD
8712626020912 DVD
024543176398 DVD
057373168363 UMD